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Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth

MM Knowledge Arts and Science College, one of the premier Institution in South Kerala offers quality education to students in different courses of BBA Aviation and Hospitality, BBA Travel & Tourism, B-Com Finance, B-Com Computer Application.

Musthafa Mullikote

Musthafa Mullikote

Founder & Chairman

Musthafa Mullikote is a established business personality based in Dubai. He is the owner of Siraj International Aluminium and Glass Industry in Dubai.He is the Chairman of MM Developers, MM Holdings. He also runs many other firms in Dubai. He believes in human resource development and helps many to reach their best of ability. He believes in self reliant society giving importance to dignified profession. He formed MM Knowledge Foundation based in Malabar region knowing the backwardness of the area and wants to uplift the poor and financially backward children by providing them scholarships and financial aids etc. He believes in giving the knowledge in a true path to develop the human resource and says that “this is the only way to uplift our society”. Being the able Chairman of MM Knowledge Foundation Trust he believes that God has entrusted him to reach to many young minds through this ventures and make the human beings to be productive to the family, society and enjoy the Global Citizenship. It was his great pleasure to develop this institution by various professional courses which has a great demand in the market. Being an International personality he has a rich experience in the business field and knows different approaches to leave no stone unturned in the society.

Dr.Haris K P

Dr.Haris K P

Managing Trustee - MBBS MD in General Medicine

MBBS MD in General Medicine Dr. Haris K.P is a medical practitioner, who is a post graduate in General Medicine. He is a man of strong personality, very pleasant nature with which he influence his clients. It is his dream that MM Knowledge Foundation Trust can meet the Educational and Psychological needs of the youngsters and bring them to a fine profession through which they can influence many in the service field. He felt that his talents should be shared among the youngsters and show them the way to be productive and useful citizens of our country and world at large. He worked towards achieving this goal and formed MM Knowledge Foundation Trust, and believes that this institution can lead many to the right path and enlighten their minds to achieve their dream goal.

Dr. Shahul Hameed

Dr.Shahul Hameed


Dr. Shahul Hameed who is a lover of wisdom opens the aviation world to youngsters in India, offering value based quality education in South India at affordable cost. It was his dream to solve the problem of unemployment in India by opening Aviation field to many youngsters of our country. He is a man of letters and attained hundreds of National and International Awards for excelling in this field. His heart felt desire is to reach out to poor by organizing number of charity based programmes like granting aid to orphanages, providing scholarships, reaching out to handicaps, free education to many human resource development trainings, treatment fund for cancer patients, Health Camps, Blood donations, Eye Camps and various helping hands to many. He is a renowned personality in the area and manages well with building good rapport with staff and students who are entrusted to his care. The one thing that is noticed in him is his simplicity of life and pleasing smile always. He is a National Vice Chairman for Human Rights Foundations of Delhi reaching out to the poor has become his major concern and he joined Hope Charitable Trust to reach out to many in various ways. He believes in Quality Education and says that “this is the only way to develop our society”. He believes in helping each one to help themselves. He is a friend, philosopher and guide with whom there is moral, manners, values and principles. He says “through serving the human beings only we can serve God and find God in man”. This is the only reason that many awards came in search of him. He always says to mind an Educational institute is not just about building characters, enriching minds and about enriching experiences that lasts a lifetime.

Principal's Message




The future of every society resides in the equality of it's youth. The role played by young people in nation building in tremendous and it is here that educational institutions have a significant role to play. Education in the true spirit should focus on harnessing the youthful energy to create consummate personalities, placing equal emphasis on intellectual, physical and emotional development. The need of the hour is for conscientious youth who are not only aware but also willing to shoulder responsibilities, so as to bring about positive social transformations. We at MM Knowledge Arts and Science College hold close to out heart this very purpose of education which is to mould young men and women into responsible, dutiful, courageous and compassionate human beings who will themselves be change agents in building an egalitarian society.

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