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MM Knowledge Arts and Science College

G.O (Rt.) No:1109/2013/H.Edn | Govt. Of Kerala Order No.G.O. (Ms) No:327/2013/H.Edn.

About Us

MM Knowledge Foundation Trust is a dream dreamt by a group of learned men and felt the need of spreading Quality Education to South India. It is felt by them that only through Quality Education we can uplift the society and by professional approach only young generation can be molded properly. It’s major aim is to uplift the backward, minority through value based Quality Education. This is the reason that the founder felt the need of starting professional and technical colleges for imparting education. The MM Knowledge foundation in Aeronautical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Aviation, Information Technology, Business Management, Personality Development, Science, Engineering and other fields of education. The team feels that education has emerged as a powerful tool in empowering the youth with technical knowledge and skills in the country. The plan which MM Knowledge Foundation Trust has, is an exemplary and able to compete with the modern era.


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