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MM Knowledge Arts and Science College

G.O (Rt.) No:1109/2013/H.Edn | Govt. Of Kerala Order No.G.O. (Ms) No:327/2013/H.Edn.

Aims and Objectives

To establish, run, assist or take over any Hospital, educational/ Technical or other institutions including Schools, arts, science, management and professional colleges for imparting education and also to take over any other establishment either sole proprietary, partnership, company, trust or society. To provide education in Aeronautical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Aviation, information technology, business management, personality development, science, engineering, medical and all other branches of education and also to set up the institution for flying clubs, aviation consultation, service provider in all fields and for Manpower supplier and all branches of education and service now existing or launched or introduced by change of circumstances and new generation to equip/meet the new trend and need of the latest technology in the world.

To create in children a desirable attitude towards learning and lay a sound basis for their continuing education. To give free education to poor and needy. To provide instruction in academic subjects like languages, sciences, commerce and humanities. To provide opportunities for children to bring out and develop their talent through appropriate co-curricular activities. To promote continuing education. To conduct classes, lectures, seminars, symposia, discussions and debates for students, teachers and professional groups on relevant subjects. To interact with other educational institutions, cultural centers, foundations, associations, organizations etc that are working with the same or similar objectives and work as a catalyzing agent so as to complement each other and to make them more meaningful. To set up, prepare, implement and distribute quality assurance programs and conduct quality audits on a periodic basis on the quality of syllabus, teaching materials, curriculum, teachers, instructions, examination and testing methods and infrastructural facilities. To print, publish and distribute papers, periodicals, magazines, journals, conduct event programs etc. on relevant subjects which will help to augment the objectives of the Trust.

To prepare, develop and distribute audio, visual and electronic communication devices in the pursuit of the objectives of the Trust. To institute and pay scholarship to deserving candidates in the field of education , training and development activities, especially to backward and weaker sections of the society. To admit deserving students free of any charges of fees, fees at concession rate and provide them with full help and assistance including lodging, boarding, medical, food etc., especially orphans and destitute. To employ, recruit, take on contract or hire personnel for the purpose of activities of the Trust including appointment of teachers and staff for the institutions run by the trust.


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